Author: janice

19 Oct Flea Alert

Fleas are Back ! Due to recent weather conditions flea numbers are growing. Moist hot weather, like the conditions we recently experienced, allows flea eggs to hatch. So if your dog is scratching or you are  - check for little droppings resembling the size and color...

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19 Oct Thunder Shirts

Many of you have asked if I know of any thing to reduce pet's anxiety during thunderstorms. Well, I recently came across a product that seems to work well! Believe it or not this simple garment seems to ease the anxiety. We have  few sizes in...

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24 Sep View Our Video

We’ve been in the dog grooming business in Pascack Valley since 1987. Over our 23 years of service we have earned a reputation in the Hillsdale community as one of the best places for dog grooming....

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