Q-What do I need to bring my pet in?
A-We recommend that you bring your pet in on a leash or in a pet carrier.

Q-Do I need to make an appointment?
A-Yes, please call to schedule an appointment we will do the best we can to accomodate you.  Holidays are extremely busy times. You WILL need to call ahead.

Q- Will my dog be kept in a crate or kennel while it is there?
A-Yes.  Pets are usually put in sanitary stainless steel cages before and after they are groomed to ensure their safety. Your pet’s safety and well-being is our top priority!

Q-Will my dog be taken outside while it is being groomed?
A- Yes, if necessary. For their comfort, please walk your pet before bringing them into the shop.

Q- How long will I have to leave my dog there?
A- The time varies from 30 minutes to 5 hours depending on your needs and your dogs.  There are several variables that affect the amount of time your pet will be our guest, such as the condition, length and texture of your pet’s hair, the size and behavior of your pet, etc.  We do our best to schedule grooming appointments so that the stylists are able to begin working on your pet quickly. As a result of our expert scheduling, the amount of time your pet is here is reduced.  We can call you as soon as your pet is ready, so he/she won’t have to be here any longer than necessary. All time quotes are estimates.  We like to take our time to do a beautiful job, and your pet will remain more relaxed if he/she does not sense we were in a rush, so please allow us all the time we need to do the job right.   Thank you!

Q- Do you tranquilize the pets?
A- N0, we DO NOT tranquilize your pet.

Q-Will you quote an exact amount on the phone?
A-Without seeing the pet, the condition of coat, temperament, and desired style we can only estimate the cost over the phone.

Q-When should my puppy have its first professional grooming?
A-After your pup has had it’s puppy vaccinations. Grooming for a pup should start as soon as possible,  this helps to let the pup become acquainted with the sounds of the salon environment, noises such as dryers, clippers, other dogs. We  recommend at 5 months or younger, the younger the puppy the easier they learn.

Q-What forms of payment do you accept?
A-CASH or checks.

Q-Should I tip the Groomer?
A-Yes, If you feel like they did a good job for you, please feel free to do so!
Tips are very much appreciated !

Q-What should I do to prepare my dog for his grooming appointment?
A-To prepare your dog it is helpful to familiarize your dog by brushing him regularly at home, gently touching his feet, and praising the dog for his good behavior. Remember if you are anxious about your dogs grooming appointment he will sense it. Grooming is enjoyable for pets – a spa day!