Our experienced dog and cat groomers can keep your pets hair cut the way you like it.

Dog Grooming – From extensive show quality scissor cuts for the most demanding client, to the easy to maintain trim, we can offer every type of clip and or cut you desire. Anything from the breed standard to a special requests, we can do it for you. While your pet may come in for a haircut, he will also receive the full “Salon” treatment. Bath and brush, nails clipped, and ears cleaned. Expressing anal glands can be performed if needed.

Cat Grooming – Many cats do not or are not able to groom themselves as they once did. We offer cat grooming for those cats that might be lightly matted and very hairy. We comb out the matting and de-shed excess hair and undercoat keeping the hair and coat in its natural length. Some owners prefer a lion cut. This eliminates excess hair from the house, and hairball problem the animal may be having. Expressing anal glands can be performed if needed.

Bath & Brush – Many pets don’t need any hair cut, so we offer our bath, de-shedding, brush and comb-out. With this service your pet receives a pre-bath comb-out and de-matting if necessary. Your pet has the nails trimmed and ears cleaned, then it is on to the bath tub where your pet will get a warm messaging bath and anals expressed and dried by hand where we check for any unusual skin issues. If needed, we finish with a trim of the face, feet, and privates. Extra trimming is always available.

Special Products – we offer gentle oatmeal hyper-allergenic soaps, medicated baths, hot oil treatments, deep hair conditioning for silky smooth coats. We will also use your own vet recommended products if requested.

Flea & Tick Bath – We also offer flea and tick baths  and tick removal for those instances when your pet needs to be rid of those pests.

Nails Trimmed – If you just want your pets nails trimmed, call or stop by any workday and we will accommodate you – usually less than 10 minutes total. Nails are filed and tips smoothed, for something special we offer polish.

Anals Expressed – During bathing we check and empty the anal glands.

Shed Control – Among our most popular services is our “Shed Control” service. Depending on the breed of your animal, we offer monthly bath & brush with a high speed blow dry. When scheduled on a monthly basis some owners have seen a decrease of hair on furniture and flooring!

Pet Supplements – We carry a new line of pet supplements for optimal health including;  joint health, healthy coat, puppy vitamins, eye stain treatments, senior care supplements.

Spritz and Glitz – For the pampered pup, we finish the salon treatment with a specially formulated cologne and a colorful bow or bandana and a treat. Collars and leashes are available upon request as well for a just a few dollars. Ask your groomer about them!